Bahria Town Procedures

The process of documentation and construction is very hectic and time taking process, but problems arise when there are no guild lines available. We think that one window operation should have been there to facilitate the people constructing houses. Anyhow we have summarized the whole process below for people and highlight the main points.

Please contact us if there is difficulty understanding anything or if you need our help. We are here to facilitate you people.

Make sure you have the following documents in your possession after the map process is complete.

  • Allotment letter
  • Possession letter
  • Cash deposit slip / Utility connection charges
  • Design wing map fees voucher
  • Design wing security deposit voucher
  • Structural design fees deposit slip
  • Architectural design of the map duly signed by Chief Architect
  • Structural design of the map duly signed by the concerned Engineer
  • Design File which is to be submitted in Maintenance and Services Department


Following documents are required to be submitted for demarcation.

  • Photocopy of allotment letter (no of copies: 1)
  • Photocopy of possession letter (no of copies: 1)
  • No objection certificate issued and duly signed by Chief Architect (no of copies: 1)
  • Photocopy of Allottee NIC (no of copies: 1)
  • Photocopy of Utility connections bank deposit slip (no of copies: 1)

Note (1): In case of allottee of plot is unable to process the application and takeover demarcation, then person nominated should be in possession of authority letter on Stamp paper Rs. 50/- from allottee of plot duly verified from GM Customer Support Center phase 8.

Note (2): Original documents must be available at the time of depositing the application form. The application form for demarcation is deposited in Maintenance and Electric (North) Corporate office II, Phase II of Bahria Town.

Note (3): Demarcation department gives time and date for on-site demarcation. Please be available on the scheduled time with the Inspection card of Building Control Department, Bahria Town as they are very punctual. The process is complete after the Inspection card is signed by the demarcation department.

Note (4): Please download demarcation application form from downloads section

Excavation Clearance Slip

After the demarcation Clearance Certificate also known as Excavation Clearance Slip should be obtained from Maintenance and services department Bahria Town phase 8.

  • The Clearance Certificate (Excavation Clearance slip) is an excavation contract between the owner and the registered contractor so one should finalize the agreement before applying the Clearance Certificate and should take the contactor to the office personally. Though agreement is not necessary for Excavation Clearance Slip but it is for the safety of owner of the plot
  • Permission of making a store for construction material is also given so one should have the idea as to which plot is suitable for keeping a store.
  • Make pictures of your plot from front road the area surrounding area should be visible in the pictures.

Note (1): Please download Clearance certificate (Excavation Clearance slip) and contract agreement from our downloads section.

Note (2): You can also download list of registered contractors for Excavation from the downloads section.

Contact BCD before excavation

After obtaining Clearance certificate, Building Control department should be contacted personally.

  • A form is given by Building Control Department mentioning subject “Avoid damages to surrounding building and Bahria Town’s Services” which is to be signed by the owner of the plot and also the building control department
  • A sign on inspection card by the building inspector is done which states “Before excavation contact B.C.D”
  • Before start of excavation please inform your Structural engineer
  • One must keep the inspection cards (Bahria Town inspection card as well as structural engineer inspection card and both maps on site)

Utility Connections

Application for Utility Connections should be acquired from the maintenance and services department Bahria Town phase 8. The documents should also include 3 photocopies of stamp paper (of 50 Rs value) which are to be filled on affidavit papers / stamp papers. The documents should be carefully filled, and it should be deposited in the same office.

  • Photocopy of possession certificate (no of copies: 3)
  • Photocopy of Original Allotment letter (no of copies: 3)
  • Photocopy of Allottee CNIC (no of copies: 4)
  • Photocopy of Utility Connections Bank deposit slip (no of copies: 3)
  • Photocopy of Inspection card (Front & Signatures) after Demarcation (Mentioned design Wing NOC Number) (no of copies: 1)
  • Design File (Issued by Bahria Town pvt ltd. Or Consultant) (no of copies: 1)
  • Original Excavation Clearance slip and Plot pictures (no of copies: 1)
  • Stamp paper (Contract for Consumer connection and supply and electric power)
  • Affidavit for Electric Meter
  • Stamp paper (Bian-e-Halfi)

Note (1): Please bring original Allotment letter, Possession letter and Utility Connection Challan / Deposit Slip

Note (2): The pictures of the plot should be taken in such a way that the plot should be visible, ramp in front of the plot should come in the picture and it should be given in a printed form. (no of pictures: 2)

Note (3): The pictures of surrounding areas and the pictures of the plot before excavation should be saved. The pictures are required when one applies for security refund after the completion.

Note (4): The Stamp paper (Contract for Consumer connection and supply and electric power) should be signed by two witnesses and photocopies of their CNICs should be stapled with the stamp paper.

Note (5): Sui Gas connection should also be applied directly in the sui gas department (SNGPL) as it takes time for Bahria Town to send the sui gas application form to Sui

Gas department (SNGPL)

When depositing the application for Utility connection please collect two forms (described below) from maintenance and services department Bahria Town phase 8 which are also available in downloads
Undertaking (Water connection)
Undertaking (Electric connection)

The above documents should be filled and deposited keeping in mind that the water connection and electric connection will be given after 4-5 working days. One must get the supervisors number who will install the water connection and electric connection. Following things should be available on site for the connections.

Material required for new water connection:

  • Tee GI 1’’
  • Barrel Nipple GI 1’’
  • Plug GI 1’’
  • Pipe Nozzle GI 1’’
  • Valve GI 2’’
  • Thread 2 Pcs
  • Teflon tap 1 pc

Material required for new electric connection:

  • 3 phase electric meter box
  • Extension board
  • 2 Pole (32 Amp) Circuit breaker

Note (1): Download the form and see the specifications for installing the meter box

Note (2): Meter box which is temporarily installed before construction of house should be next to the proposed gate as the meter box is shifted on the boundary wall after construction of the house

Green cloth should be installed around your plot as well as the plot assigned to you by Bahria town for store room and construction material after the excavation of plot is done and before the Building control department is contacted to check the excavation of the plot.


Make sure that structural drawings are checked, and the depth of excavation is noted

The structural drawings show the depth of excavation either by road level (RL) or natural soil level (NSL)

In case of Road level, road level is taken from center of gate where the gate is to be made and center of the road in front of the gate

In case of Natural soil level, the lowest point of the plot is considered as NSL

Make sure the excavation is made 2’ extra from the sides as working space is required (for steel & shuttering), the front side (Road side) should be excavated according to the plot

After the excavation is completed according to the map, compaction from compactor should be done and Building inspector should be asked to visit the site to check the excavation

Inspection card

The inspection card should be followed, and each stage should be checked by Architect (for elevation & shuttering), Building Inspector (for stages mentioned on inspection card) & Structural engineer (for stages mentioned on structural engineer inspection card)

On inspection card on 5 there is ‘’Construction of Boundary wall up to D.P.C’’ which is to be signed by demarcation department located in Maintenance and Electric (North) Corporate office II, Phase II of Bahria Town, but to get this signed Building Control Department should be informed two days before as it is the most important sign on inspection card


Measurements of rooms, baths, kitchen, staircase, and porch should be checked before the layout of the building is made. Layout of the building can be changed before the work has started but after the written approval of Architect and structural engineer

The porch and the back open area should be at 1’ height from the Road level (RL) and the rest of the building should be at 2’ height from the Road Level (RL)

Note (1): Road level is taken from center of gate where the gate is to be made and center of the road in front of the gate

Note (2): In case of two porches of a house, both the porches should be at 1’ height from the Road level (RL) and if there is difference in levels then architect must be consulted

The water tank and septic tank’s measurement should be check before the shuttering is done

The covered area of mumty should be checked and should be according to the map and should not exceed the maximum covered area


After construction is complete and signs of building inspector on Bahria Inspection card and structural inspector on Structural Engineer inspection card are complete one can apply for NOCs

  • Structural Engineer inspection card is deposited to structural engineer to get the NOC structural
  • NOC gas department is deposited in the office next to maintenance and services department Bahria Town phase 8
  • NOC maintenance is deposited in maintenance and services department Bahria Town phase 8
  • NOC electrical (meter capacity) is also deposited maintenance and services department Bahria Town phase 8

Note (1): All the NOC’s are to be collected where they were deposited. One should ask as to when the NOC will be ready for collection
Note (2): NOC maintenance is very time taking process and the security system installation slip should be deposited
Note (3): NOC gas and NOC maintenance forms are to be collected from Building Control Department which are given after checking the signs of building Inspector on Building control department Inspection card
Note (4): NOC electrical form is available from maintenance and services department Bahria Town phase 8


Following things should be keep in view to get the completion of house without any hassle.
Complete sign from Building inspector and structural engineer
Front, back and side elevation should be according to the map
Hot bitumen on all exposed sides where neighboring house will be constructed
Exterior paint should be approved from design wing.
Approval from designing wing for sliding gate 2 inches outside plot lines before installation (available in downloads)
Fiber glass should be installed on all exposed side and paint should be done according to elevation
Water protection (plinth protection) should be made on all exposed sides
Repair of broken footpaths in front of the house and the plot which was allotted
Ball valve is installed in the water tank
T is installed at water connection outside the house and Water connection is 0.5 feet high from the natural soil level (NSL)
Electric meter should be installed in the wall and the pipes through which electric lines are to be passed should be installed before the plaster of front boundary walls
Railing should be installed on front terraces and back terrace
Electric and maintenance bills are cleared
Rain water of the roof should not be connected to septic tank and drainage lines of Bahria Town. Rain water should be thrown on the road through PVC pipes
Three pipes of 3’’ should be installed under the ramp for future and both the ends should be visible
Ramp should not extend beyond 4’
Clearance of adjacent plots must be done according to NSL (Natural soil level)
Septic tank should be connected to Bahira’s main sewerage line and plaster of the pvc pipes should be done from both ends
Security system should be installed
After the process is complete the design wing asks you to collect the completion certificate
Completion certificate is issued after depositing the completion fees

Security Refund

Security refund’s process should be done immediately after the completion is given. Following are the departments from which you must get approval for security refund
Services department located at maintenance and services department Bahria Town phase 8
Development department located at Garden city
Building control department
Design Wing department
Note (1): As services department has already checked your site they will sign the paper within 5 days
Note (2): Development department will sign the paper at the same time
Note (3): Building control department will sign the paper within 5 days as the building inspector has already visited you site for completion
Note (4): To deposit it in design wing you must attach the ID card copy, allotment copy, possession copy and completion certificate copy
Note (5): Original deposit slip / challan must be returned to office at the time of collection of security cheque

After Completion Certificate

Photo copy of Completion certificate should be deposited along with photo copy of ID card and possession letter to change the electric bill from commercial units to residential units and for installation of the dust bin / garbage bin in front of your house
Note (1): The photo copy of completion certificate along with photo copy of ID card and possession letter are to be deposited in maintenance and services department Bahria Town phase 8